Monday, May 18, 2009

This is my favorite Zombie ufo painting I did to date on my upright bass see..(click thee image to see all the flaws!).

Not so "spooky" ....but I love it

Well...true not too spooky but this was a great project I built for a fiend ...sorry friend ,of mine.....perhaps some day some body will ask me to build the Munsters coach as a baby carriage for them.....well, one can hope .......NO? I've heard you want to see this lonely lab of mine ..Well, here it is!
Feast your eyes on the vehicle of my Eternal madness! You may click on the image for a Super detailed lookey inside.
Yours Ghouly,

many thanks to Dr N. Asquith and M.Lawrence

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I love this picture....I met her in Vegas last year !....

or this!!!!

lest we not forget the new items...

ahhhhhh....yet another product that never saw the light of day...but I'm thinking of producing myself!

This was a project I was working on called the "mort-a-phone" , the telephone to the dead that never got into production.

or this from some time ago!

or perhaps this blast from the past! are there...foolish mortal!perhaps you never saw this product!