Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Ghastly Horror Bloody Ring

I have recently created this gory little ring for all of my fellow horror fiends. Never miss an opportunity to gross out a stranger at the mall.

See you in the shadows

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Mean Spirited Candy Heart Message Necklaces

Tell it like it is Kids! Here are some little necklaces that tell that special someone exactly what you're thinking.

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Double Grave Cemetery Tombstone Cameo Necklaces

Here's a little something for the mildly soft part of that cold dead heart of yours. What says I love you more than my

"Til Death" double tombstone cemetery cameo necklace.
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Newest Bloody Drip Choker From the Lab

Here's the latest gory creation from the lab. This Blood Drip Necklace has 3 colors .
I thought some of you kreeps might like a more "realistic" puss infused neck piece. Enjoy!

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Frankenstein Monster Stitches Ring

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Zombie Ring - You Can Take him with you!

The Little Zombie Cameo Ring is newest gothic accessory that every bad ghoul should not be without.

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