Saturday, June 28, 2014

New blood drip necklaces from the Lab

Dripping Blood ,blood drip necklaces 
UFO Ring
Hello Friends,

Do you believe in Flying Saucers from outer space? We here at Von Erickson Laboratories sure do. In fact , so much that we felt the need to recreate their likeness in pewter for you to wear and ponder their presence as you propel it with your pointer endlessly !

This is an exclusive Von Erickson original design. With a flick of a finger the top disc spins 

Respectfully as always, your Friend

New Spooky Cereal Jewelry from Von Erickson Laboratories ....Introducing "CREEPY CRUNCH" Necklaces and Bracelets.

Attention all Creepy Cute Cereal Freaks,

Some people can't get enough of the brand new for 2014 Von Erickson Laboratories Original CREEPY CRUNCH line of necklaces and bracelets! 

This is the 1st in a series of necklaces and bracelets

Now with bats,cats,tombstones,ghosts,abducted cows,hearses,skulls,ufos,coffins,beakers bottles,bones and that's a mouthful ! ...oh yeah , and earth shattering asteroids too! 

All hand cast plastic parts so ............. SORRY , these are NOT edible and not for REAL kids, just the kid inside yourselves!

Carefully skull-pted and cast in a durable plastic by yours cruelly! Adjustable chain closure.

Glamour Ghoul Model: Sara Bender

Often Imitated-NEVER Duplicated!

Made in the USA.........Buy American......Stay Creepy
copyright Von Erickson Laboratories 2014

 Spooky , Creepy Cute,Pastel Gothic Glamour Ghoul  and Halloween Jewelry from Von Erickson
                           Von Erickson Original Cemetery Ring is now Available in All Pewter !!!!

  This is The Original miniature cemetery ring! Don't be fooled by foreign imitators...USA me of course...stay creepy...Von E.