Thursday, April 23, 2015

Von Erickson Laboratories Note pads ... make everything more enjoyable!

Skull Microphone From Von Erickson Laboratories gets Go Ahead from Senate

 Well... not exactly!.. just thought I'd get your attention ... now take a look at one of the 3D printed test versions (this ones plastic) but of course the real one will be Chrome plated cast metal!  see more here

Von Erickson Laboratories Enters New Century

Hello friends,
 I was recently informed by the head of Von Erickson Laboratories marketing department that I need to  " get a clue" and "get hip to what the kids are into today...."  After a lot of jaw-jacking the net result was that I should join something called Twitter and Instagram ... why not "Follow" me on those things to see the latest reports from the Lab!


Your pal,
 Von Erickson