Sunday, December 11, 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Slit Throat Gorey Slashed Neck Choker Necklace - New for Halloween

Hello Kreepies.... I've just created this in the lab for Halloween this year! No glue necessary's a necklace. wear it to the Mall or next PTA meeting people how weird you really are!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Custom Vintage Car baby Carriage

Some time back (around 2003) I was commissioned by the family of expecting parents to fabricate this car as a present. Working from some reference photos of vintage cars I sculpted the body in foam and made a fiberglass cast positive. I acquired a a chassis from an old carriage and refurbished it. Thirty days later with a broke leg I finished it. My wife helped with the upholstery of the top and interior.
Recently the couple brought it to the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island in NYC and displayed it. Lucky for them it also was big enough to hold their cooler.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Frankenstein Monster Stitches and Blood Drip Halloween Costume

I have several new series of styles of the classic VonErickson Monster stitches and Blood Drip choker and bracelet.
Take a peek here or at GO

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hilarious Copycat version of the VonErickson Stitches Choker and Blood Drip Necklace by Morbid Enterprises

I worked for this company, Morbid Industries, for 4 years as a Halloween product designer. We parted ways and they went out of business. Not long after that I was surprised to hear that they had resurfaced as Morbid Enterprises and somehow arranged a deal to become a branch of Rubies Inc., the worlds largest Halloween product manufacturer. About 2 years ago I created my line of monster stitch and bloody drip necklaces and was working on some other concepts for someone else. I attended an industry party and ran into my former employers and started to talk about what I had been up to. I joked that i was just waiting for someone to knock off the idea, and he said "it's already happening". Then he proceeded to tell me about how Rubies was stealing the idea and going into production, but claimed that neither he nor his business partner were responsible for giving them the idea. Needless to say, I found this particularly hard to believe given our history. Perhaps out of some small sense of guilt they offered me a small royalty fee under the condition that they would have an exclusive on the idea and I would not be able to continue marketing my version. After some financial and moral consideration I decided to reject their offer. Apparently in their minds this was the proverbial "all clear" ,"green light" to go into production. Recently I saw their version of my idea and went a little nuts, I needed them to know how mad I was . Here's what I wrote and their response. There was no response to my follow up email. I like to think that deep down they know what dirty thing they did.

My letter to them...
You guys really take the cake shitheads .nice to see you rip my ideas off...did you REALLY need the idea that bad to (expletive deleted)... me over...really?
Their Letter to me....
2 years ago, we made every attempt possible to work out a deal with you.
You weren't interested, remember?

We did some research and found that there's a ton of similar items in
existence. Did you send all those companies e-mails also?

Hope you are well.

My Final response to them....
Just because I refused your offer doesn't make it right that you take my idea.- and an offer after the fact because I accidentally found out doesn't count in my book. you wanted an exclusive which made no financial business sense to me. The others of which you speak have all knocked me off Except for that one woman in France.I know how to do research...and I call bullshit on you. It really baffles me that we could work together for so long then you feel the need to do this . Answer me this...You have many items ....why is it so important for you to take my ideas? I guess I really come up with some money making ideas that people just can't help stealing.

apparently they've been keeping an eye on what I'm doing....Are those flattened slugs on his neck? it's just a bad Chinese factory sculpt! Words that come to mind..pathetic,greedy,unscrupulous,Lame...(feel free to add your own).The best part is the "NEW 2011" ..ya right! Coming to a Kmart near you!