Monday, September 10, 2012

Bloody Zombie Necklace Halloween Jewelry

Bloody slashed throat  Halloween prosthetic Necklace New for 2012 from Von Erickson

Just in time for Halloween 2012! 

I present to you a new design from VonErickson Laboratory sure to get some stares when you go to the grocery store! Make people Squirm with your worms! You'll really show people your style when you go out on the town wearing my latest slashed throat horror necklace with WORMS!

It's basically an "instant costume" .Just put on the choker and adjust the fit...then head out to that Prom, office party or jury duty. ( for added effect you can add some extra fake blood as needed, )

Why not just wear them every day ! They are necklaces( no glue necessary) carefully scull-pted all the way around and hand cast in 3 colors of flexible vinyl then hand painted with 2 additional colors by yours ghoul-ly. 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blood Drip Ring Just Arrived From the Ghouls in The Lab !

Blood Drip Ring Just Arrived from the Laboratory !  Take a look here  Hello vampires, zombies and other creepy spooks of the night. It's your ol' pal Von Erickson here ta give ya a sneek peek of  latest item from the laboratory product development team.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

VonErickson Stitches Necklace Jewelry for your Monster High Frankie Stein Doll Costume!

Hey Kreepy kids , want  a necklace that'll make you look just like Frankie Stein? Here it is from Von Erickson Lab
                                      click on the image to check it out

Mattel's Monster High Ghoulia Yelps Doll meets VonErickson Lab Blood Drip Bracelet and Necklace Jewelry

It  appears I should be flattered that Mattel's new Monster High Doll accessories for "Ghoulia Yelps" were largely inspired by my blood drip necklaces and bracelets...don't you think?( bottom two pics are mine)...Hey Mattel , Where's my check?!

Friday, April 27, 2012

The VonErickson Coffin Couch on

Recently while wasting time on the internet I discovered a digital version of my coffin couch on a pre-teen  virtual doll website .  

You can "buy" it for your doll house. I composed this scene with my couch and my doll based on my wife....ain't she cute!?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ash Costello of New Years Day and Von Erickson Labs

by Steffi Veizen 

      Von Erickson Labs has been asked several times for free merchandise, the most obnoxious request was someone asking for a free coffin couch about a month ago. (I guess some people are clueless about the labor and cost of materials that goes into a piece of furniture, but that’s another rant altogether.)  He has sent out complementary necklaces and bracelets to two charity events, one was for a breast cancer fundraiser and the other for a theater fundraiser. The theater came through on their promise to send us a letter that we used for tax purposes.  We never heard back from the breast cancer event people, but that’s OK, we never asked for anything in return. 

      In September of last year Von Erickson Labs was contacted by a young woman named Ash Costello. She sings in a band we’d never heard of called New Years Day, which can best be described as squeaky clean California power pop. She inquired about a “sponsorship”, offering Von Erickson Labs “constant advertisement for your site and company! In interviews, in press, editorials, on my website, the bands website, via twitter and tumblr to our hundreds of thousands of fans that are perfectly in your demographic, as well as any physical fliers or banners we can keep on our merch table on tour and on the road!”

      This message from her was several paragraphs long, so it was obvious that this was a form letter sent out to others besides Von Erickson Labs. Like a resume, it mentioned her recent press, how she was on the Warp Tour, etc, etc.

      We mailed her necklaces and bracelets for her and her band mates in October on 2011. She wrote “I can offer 2 posts a week for 2 months on all my social networks promoting your bracelets, making sure the sites that cover my style promote your bracelets also and mentioning in all press as well in the next 2 months your sites and wearing the items on stage and in any promotional shoots in the near future. Also putting any promotional material you send on our merch table during the run of our fall tour.”  I mailed the package out to her, via delivery confirmation, and never heard back.  We never received any links from her.

      Peter Von Erickson is a laid back, trusting guy, I’m a hard assed cynical New Yorker. The honor system only works when both parties actually honor the terms. I only trust people who have proven to me that they can be trusted. I handle all business transactions with a contract, if you don’t have it in writing, you have no leverage.  I just considered our efforts to be a waste of time, and forgot about it. 

      However, Pete contacted Ashley a couple of days ago, calling her on the bad behavior.  She apologized, saying she thought she sent him a link to the press she gave him, and invited us to her show.  She sent Pete her phone number, and told him to text when we got to the venue, and she would send someone to get us in. At this point my bullshit detector was ringing quietly in my head. She never did forward that link to Pete.
Pete sent a text to the number she provided when we arrived, then decided to call. He got a recorded message stating that the number was disconnected. We later learned that the area code she gave (715) is for Wisconsin, she’s from Los Angeles.

      I have a pretty pessimistic view of people in general; I’ve had a lifetime of experiences with a cousin who is a pathological liar. She lies for attention and sympathy, to appear to have something in common with someone, and to try and earn respect from others. Why would Ashley go out of their way to lie to Pete, knowing she would get called on it? Wouldn’t it be easier to just ignore him? I guess it’s not about what’s easy.

      The situation then turns from annoying to just bizarre. Pete wrote her later again regarding the invalid phone number. She claimed that the number was indeed hers, to try it again, and that he would get her voicemail. She apologized for the confusion, stating that she has been praised for her professionalism in the past. Pete gave her his phone number, she never called.

       Many designers send free clothing and accessories to celebrities, hoping to get free press. There are those gift bags given out to celebrities at award shows. How much does all this really help the small business owner? If it’s known and understood that the product will be mentioned by the celebrity on some forum, then that’s great, but I suspect there is more taking then giving back when it comes to this kind of exchange. The big irony is that the ones doing the taking are the ones that would have no trouble buying what they are getting for free.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Ghastly Horror Bloody Ring

I have recently created this gory little ring for all of my fellow horror fiends. Never miss an opportunity to gross out a stranger at the mall.

See you in the shadows

see or buy more Gore Here

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mean Spirited Candy Heart Message Necklaces

Tell it like it is Kids! Here are some little necklaces that tell that special someone exactly what you're thinking.

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Double Grave Cemetery Tombstone Cameo Necklaces

Here's a little something for the mildly soft part of that cold dead heart of yours. What says I love you more than my

"Til Death" double tombstone cemetery cameo necklace.
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Newest Bloody Drip Choker From the Lab

Here's the latest gory creation from the lab. This Blood Drip Necklace has 3 colors .
I thought some of you kreeps might like a more "realistic" puss infused neck piece. Enjoy!

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Frankenstein Monster Stitches Ring

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Zombie Ring - You Can Take him with you!

The Little Zombie Cameo Ring is newest gothic accessory that every bad ghoul should not be without.

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