Monday, September 10, 2012

Bloody Zombie Necklace Halloween Jewelry

Bloody slashed throat  Halloween prosthetic Necklace New for 2012 from Von Erickson

Just in time for Halloween 2012! 

I present to you a new design from VonErickson Laboratory sure to get some stares when you go to the grocery store! Make people Squirm with your worms! You'll really show people your style when you go out on the town wearing my latest slashed throat horror necklace with WORMS!

It's basically an "instant costume" .Just put on the choker and adjust the fit...then head out to that Prom, office party or jury duty. ( for added effect you can add some extra fake blood as needed, )

Why not just wear them every day ! They are necklaces( no glue necessary) carefully scull-pted all the way around and hand cast in 3 colors of flexible vinyl then hand painted with 2 additional colors by yours ghoul-ly.