Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mattel's Monster High Ghoulia Yelps Doll meets VonErickson Lab Blood Drip Bracelet and Necklace Jewelry

It  appears I should be flattered that Mattel's new Monster High Doll accessories for "Ghoulia Yelps" were largely inspired by my blood drip necklaces and bracelets...don't you think?( bottom two pics are mine)...Hey Mattel , Where's my check?!


  1. I loove the necklace!!!

  2. Its not like its your original copyrighted idea, there's several stores and businesses making these, Infact there's a dozen or so just for Halloween. At least one of them must have started before you, so technically they could sue you. So don't you accuse others of copying your 'original designs' when you stole them from others.

  3. Hello Anonymous...actually FYI ..I was the first... and I have copyrights on the designs ..Thank you for your ignorant comments!
    Von E.